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  • So many worlds to choose from!!!

    Because of our awesome admin team, we can run multiple worlds for you to choose from! We have normal worlds like Build and Survival but we also have an assortment of custom worlds just for you. Some of these include an exclusive Creative World, a Games world and a plots based world where anyone can use World Edit!

    Please ensure you have read the Rules - most worlds are the same but some have variations, such as our PVP maps.

    And if you're ever lost or stuck, you can also be freed with /spawn (go to spawn of current world) or /lobby.


    Creative Plots! Also, you get to mess around with World Edit. So get building!

    A world with no damage or hostile mobs, free to build. This world is legit.

    Self-explanatory. Griefing will get you banned, as usual.
    NOTE: To build in creative you need Builder privileges.

    Mine for resources in a world that reset frequently

    Ask an admin to claim a shop and earn some in-game money!

    Claim your sphere, whether it be one or a network of them. These spherical dome encased biomes provide a survival experience you never knew you needed!


    A regular survival world with hostile mobs.

    Legacy Worlds are no longer available in-game.
    Maps are available for download: Legacy Worlds