Player Rules

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  • Player Rules

    Chat Rules

    Profanity is Not Allowed

    This a public family-oriented, G-Rated server. We have younger members who play on our server. Typing a word out takes an effort! You CAN avoid saying it! Using symbols to replace letters, deliberate misspellings, or any other attempts to get around this rule is just as bad as the word you are implying. Don't do it.

    This rule also applies to player names. Player names that are inappropriate will be banned, even if said player may have done nothing wrong. However we will attempt to communicate with this person to arrange a name change first.

    Topics to Avoid
    We discourage any discussion that is of an adult nature, or that is likely to lead to heated discussions. This includes but is not limited to drugs (including alcohol), politics, religion or discussions of a sexual nature. Hate speech of any kind is strictly forbidden.​
    Be Respectful
    Treat other players as you would want to be treated. Bullying, harassment, name-calling etc. has no place here.​
    When a Moderator and/or Admin asks you to do something or answer a question, please comply and follow all directions given​
    No Advertising

    Advertising other Minecraft servers, Minecraft communities, or referral linking (where the referrer gets a bonus for signups) of any kind is NOT allowed in-game or on the forum. If you are caught doing it you WILL be banned. It is fine to give out an address via private message so long as it is between two agreeing parties and not randomly messaged to people. (To clarify to the extreme, this means if player a goes: "Hey eaglestallon, give me the address to your private server". I can then message him the address privately. However me joining and saying "Who wants to join my private server! Pm Me!" would still be against the rules.​
    Voice Chat
    We use a Discord server for voice communication while gaming. The same rules apply on our Discord server as our game server. Respect, language, and treat others as you would prefer to be treated.​

    Bad Behavior

    The following types of behavior are not allowed, and can result in punishment ranging from a warning up to a ban, depending on the severity.

    Griefing or Stealing

    Damaging another player's build or claimed area or taking any of their items is not allowed. The ONLY exception is in PVP areas where it is explicitly stated that grief/stealing is allowed.​
    If you have any doubts about what is OK for you to do, talk to the player first.​


    Any modifications to your client that give you an unfair advantages are not allowed. Some examples are flying, fast block breaks, and x-ray mods or resource packs. We have plugins that detect these exploits, and Moderators are actively on the lookout. It's not worth it.​


    Using block jumping or other tricks to get someplace you are not supposed to be able to get is not allowed. The exception to this is above the bedrock in nether. If you can get on top of the bedrock in nether, have fun up there.​
    Botting or Automating

    Botting includes anything that makes your character perform actions while you are away from your computer. If you are away from your computer, your character should be doing nothing but standing.​
    It is permitted to automate tasks WHILE YOU ARE AT THE COMPUTER. Examples could be as simple as putting something like a book on your mouse button to hold it down. As long as you stay at the computer, this is permitted. If you are questioned about it by a staff member, be prepared to respond, or it will be assumed you are botting.​
    Building Rules

    See the separate entry on Land Claims to see how to claim an area to build on.

    Respect Other Players' Claims

    You should claim land and build away from where other players are building, unless you talk to the player in question beforehand and agree to build close to each other. Land may be claimed with a fence, wall, etc. and marked as claimed but not protected with grief prevention, and you should still respect this rule.​

    Strip Mining and Pits
    If you need to gather large amounts of resources such as sand, dirt, coal, etc. please use the resource world. That's what it is there for and it gets reset as needed, with no need to keep it looking good.​
    Strip mining and digging pits down from the surface in the Build, Survival, or other worlds that are not reset just makes it look bad and is not allowed.​
    Structures / Signs
    Keep in mind that any signs or structures are bound by the profanity and disallowed topics mentioned above. Hate symbols, profanity, etc. will be removed when found and the player reprimanded.​
    Churches are allowed as buildings, and there are some beautiful examples in creative world. Just don't discuss actual religion or promote any particular faith.​

    Don't Clutter the Maps
    Please note that useless and ugly block placements will not be allowed, especially on the creative map. Examples would be randomly placing cobblestone on a hillside or 1-block wide pillars​
    A few other topics that don't fit elsewhere.

    Mob Farms

    Please see the entry for Mobs and Mob Farms for more information on this topic.​
    TNT Use

    Large amounts of TNT exploding at once can cause serious server lag. Therefor, TNT is restricted to 35 active explosions at a time.​

    Spawning Items
    Our server is a legitimate server. Everything on the Worlds (excluding Creative) have been built with 100% hard work. We do NOT spawn items, tools, weapons, or anything else for people. As of the time of the post we no longer will replace items lost to lag or server error. Sorry.​