Moderator Rules

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  • Moderator Rules

    The Role of Moderators

    Moderators keep the server running smoothly.
    They enforce the rules, deal with those who don't follow them.
    They also help players when needed, especially new players who may need some guidance.
    They keep the server a safe and fun place for players of all ages.

    Moderator Rules


    • Moderators are not expected to act as server police 100% of their play time. But if someone asks for help with grief then they will drop whatever you're doing and help them.
    • While moderating they should be respectful, professional, and efficient.
    • If a player is abusing help requests (repeatedly asking for help for no good reason) the moderator may ask them to stop or issue a verbal warning.
    • Moderators need to remain calm and helpful during intense situations to avoid panic in the community.
    • Moderators are given a number of tools that players do not have, such as mute, kick, freeze, vanish, etc. These should ONLY be used when performing duties as a moderator. Abusing the tools, especially using them on players without good reason is a serious offense.
    • Moderators should not make assumptions. Looking guilty doesn't mean a player IS guilty. Player actions are logged, checking the logs will show exactly what happened and who did what.
    • Moderators will first do what is required to stop the player who is breaking the rules (mute, freeze, kick, etc.). Then make it clear why what they did was wrong and that they should change their behavior.
    • Players who are breaking the rules and do not listen to requests to stop will face some sort of punishment, depending on the severity of the infraction. This can range from a kick to a temporary ban to a full ban.
    • Banning players is always the last resort. Sometimes it is necessary to keep the server safe and fun for the other players.