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  • Communication Commands

    Commands related to chat channels and otherwise talking to other players.
    Commands are bolded, required parameters are in <angle brackets>, and optional parameters are in [square brackets].

    • /ch g - changes you to the global channel. Everyone has access to this channel.
    • /ch int - changes you to the international channel (international is reserved for non-English speakers)
    • /ch vp - changes you to the VIP channel (user must be VIP, Sponsor, or staff to access this channel)
    • /ch s - changes you to the Sponsor channel (user must be Sponsor or staff to access this channel)
    • /g <message> - sends a message to the general channel,
    • /vp <message> - sends a message to the VIP channel. VIP and above only.
    • /s <message> - sends a message to the Sponsor channel. Sponsor and above only.
    Private Messages
    • /msg <player> <message> - send a player a private message (Aliases: /tell, /w, @)
    • /r <message> - responds to a private message (responds to the last player to send you a private message).
    • /afk [message] - toggles your away status (be sure to toggle when you get back; if you don't, it spams others when they pm you)