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  • Ban Policy

    When are Players Banned?

    Banning a player is not done lightly or without cause. In almost all cases by the time a player is banned they have gone through a whole process from being warned, having the infraction explained to them, and may have been kicked or temp banned before earning the full ban.

    The Part that "Family Friendly" Plays

    We are mindful of the fact that as a family friendly server, we may be dealing with younger players. We make every effort to explain to the player what they are doing and why it is not allowed. We give them a chance to correct the behavior,. Staff may use muting, freezing, kicking the player (temporarily disconnecting them from the server), or temp banning (a ban with a limited time frame) to get the point across before resorting to a full ban.

    The other side of the coin is that we also have to protect the other players on the server, who may also be younger here specifically because of our family friendly policies. There is just some behavior too disruptive or unfair to the other players that cannot be allowed to continue.

    Permanently Banned Players

    After a player is banned (NOT temp banned), they may appeal the ban if they wish. If they either choose not to appeal, or appeal and are denied, they are considered permanently banned.


    If a member has been permanently banned from our community, regardless of player rank, ALL items belonging to this member including chests in the worlds will be deleted immediately.

    NOTE: Do not ask for any of these items, they will not be given out to anyone.


    If the banned member had any structures that you are interested in taking over, you may do so by claiming the structure. To do this, you must place a sign to signify a change in ownership and notify the Mod Team.

    We will not reverse any work that member has done on the server unless it is against any of our rules. If you built something with that member, your structure is safe.