New Rule: Permanently Banned Players


Community Administrator
Greetings all!

We have announcement to make regarding a change to our rules on the topic of banned players and their items. The rules wiki has been updated to reflect this change, and it is posted below for your viewing.
This topic has been brought to the Admin team's attention and we have discussed this at great length. While this effects a small percentage of our member base, it's important to bring this to light due to the nature of the issue.
Previously, when someone asked about a permanently banned player's items, we may have given some of it away. As a result of discussion, we will no longer continue this practice.

Permanently Banned Players
If a member has been permanently banned from our community, regardless of player level, VIP etc. or otherwise, ALL items belonging to this member including chests in the worlds and if they have a vault will be deleted immediately.
NOTE: Do not ask for any of these items, they will not be given out to anyone.
Shared Vaults or Inventory

If you had a shared vault or shared inventory with the banned member, take note that the banned member's vault will be deleted instantly. Store items in other members' vaults at your own risk! We will NOT take responsibility for sorting items that belong to you. One possible solution is to only allow access, and not storage space. Keep your items separate.
If the banned member had any structures that you are interested in taking over, you may do so by claiming the structure. To do this, you must place a sign to signify a change in ownership and notify the Mod Team.
We will not reverse any work that member has done on the server unless it is against any of our rules. If you built something with that member, your structure is safe.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this change, please post here and we will answer as soon and as best we can.

Thank you.
Community Administrator