Vaults, Previous Build and Survival Worlds

Vaults world and the Build and Survival worlds from the 1.12 server have been moved over.
Players cannot access them directly (other than the SlimeFarm and RCGrinder public warps).

If you still have items in vaults, this is your last chance to get them. Please contact a mod or admin as your old warps/homes will not work any more.

If you have build from the 1.12 server that was on Build, Build_Nether, Survival, Survival_Nether or Survival_the_end, and you want to move it to the current Build or Survival worlds, again place contact a mod or admin. The old warps/homes will not take you there, but we can find the location.

Land Claims vs. Protection

There is an important distinction to be made, in the new environment and with the plugin changes we have made, between claiming land and protecting land.

Claiming land is largely unchanged. Short version: put a marker (wall, fence, etc.) around it until you build on it. Don't claim more than you plan to use. Don't claim right next to someone else unless they are ok with it. The exception is around build spawn, where we encourage people to build close together.

Protecting your land/chests/whatever is done with the new Grief Prevention plugin (the golden shovel). There will be a wiki entry explaining this plugin further. In the meantime, if you have any questions ask. Yes, this also refers to claims, which may be confusing, but they are two different things.

Recent Server Changes

This will be a running list of the recent changes here, with links to more detailed information as needed.

Public Warps available now: SlimeFarm, Grender, rcgrinder

Voting works again, and now gives bonus claim blocks in addition to the currency.

Creative, shops and spheres worlds are back.

Bottomless chest is back and all players have access to it. Default players should empty it out, and it will go back to being a donor perk at some point in the near future (probably a few weeks or so).

GriefPrevention (known by most as the "golden shovel" plugin) has replaced both LWC and Precious Stones. There will be a wiki entry on its use shortly.

Server 1.13.2 Upgrade

The server moved to 1.13.2 on April 28 and that brought a lot of changes. Things are still in flux and a lot has changed. If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them. If you have suggestions for things we can add/change as the server rounds into shape, please leave them below.

New World Downloads Available

Some of the world backups from the end of last year are available for download on the Legacy Worlds wiki page.
These include:
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