Server Upgraded to 1.15.2

The server is back up and updated to 1.15.2. This brings with it a bunch of new commands, new game modes, returning worlds, etc. Here is a quick summary of some of them, but look for more in depth information in the days and weeks to come.

Returning Worlds

Shops and Spheres were offline for a bit with corruption to the world save. Both have been put back together and are back online. Watch this space for more info about changes in the shops world.

New Game Modes

Acid Islands, Skyblock, Caveblock, and more to come.

New Commands

/request <issue> - contacts all staff online (on any server) and tells them you need help
/report <player> <reason> - report a player for bad behavior
/ti - ticket system, to request help if nobody online can assist

And More

There's really too much to go over here, so watch for more updates to follow.
  1. Frenziedfox @ Frenziedfox:
    okay, now you have my attention. I'm looking...
  2. MajorWumpus @ MajorWumpus:
    <- Look over there
  3. MsRowdyRedhead @ MsRowdyRedhead:
    Hey PD.. How goes things?
  4. PD400 @ PD400:
    Hey friends <3
  5. KittyAshlee @ KittyAshlee:
  6. MajorWumpus @ MajorWumpus:
    Not the bees! Not the bees!
  7. Wombatus @ Wombatus:
  8. K @ Kuzmo:
  9. MsRowdyRedhead @ MsRowdyRedhead:
    Hey Dr, good to see your face in th eplace!
  10. DrMadFellow @ DrMadFellow:
    Hope y'all are doing well during this pandemic. Stay safe.
  11. KittyAshlee @ KittyAshlee:
    ♡ I would love to make a bee farm when we update! One of the things im most excited for
  12. MsRowdyRedhead @ MsRowdyRedhead:
    @KittyAshlee They are SO cute!!!
  13. KittyAshlee @ KittyAshlee:
    I am so excited for those chonky little things
  14. KittyAshlee @ KittyAshlee:
    You guys seen the bumblebees??
  15. eaglestallon @ eaglestallon:
    Hello TOSd, yup it has been.
  16. T @ TOSd:
    hi! its been awhile
  17. eaglestallon @ eaglestallon:
    Hello Wombatus and coffeejunky!
  18. toxic_cow @ toxic_cow:
    hey womby :0 i love you still
  19. coffeejunky @ coffeejunky:
    Womb, you legend!
  20. Wombatus @ Wombatus:
    8 years, really, hello there ^^
  21. MajorWumpus @ MajorWumpus:
    when you go to boxland, you are going to a different server. I'm guessing this is what you mean? In that case, yes.
  22. toxic_cow @ toxic_cow:
    Noticed it makes me login everytime i change worlds. is this on purpose?
  23. MajorWumpus @ MajorWumpus:
    Please take a look at the top announcement. We are dealing with some map corruption and could use a hand determining the extent of the problem.
  24. MsRowdyRedhead @ MsRowdyRedhead:
    Hey there Eagle!
  25. eaglestallon @ eaglestallon:
    Hello everyone!

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